Somehow, Center Com, the computer shop we had the PC repaired at, took a week and a half to fix the computer. I don’t see how it’s possible for it to take so long as all they had to do was backup the drive, reinstall windows and put everything back onto the drive in a little “backup” folder. But I’m back now and I’ll write another tutorial soon. I want to learn a programming language, because I had a “revolutionary” (according to Joel) idea for a program. I won’t reveal the idea right now, because the idea will probably be a financial  investment eventually, but it will probably need 2d & possibly 3d (directX) graphics support, animations and the like, also it has to be able to access an internet host. I have Dev-C++ and I know a very small amount in that language. I know the smallest amount in PHP, also. So basically, I’m not experienced in any programming language. I think I need to learn more C++, if anyone could verify this it would be awesome. Me and a group of friends also want to make an MMORPG, so if I can use the same language to make that (look, I know making an MMO is a colossal task, so don’t mention it. We will probably make a non-online alpha before we even add multiplayer, sounds like a good way to go) it would be awesome.