This is worth blogging about. A friend of mine showed me this search engine based on natural language instead of keywords, like google. You can ask it questions, and it will realise your intent, and give you an answer, as well as web results it used to find that answer. For example, if I was to ask it “who is Jai Leeworthy?”, I would end up with the answer “website designed”. I am not assuming the engine is trying to tell me I myself was designed by a website, because websites lack the ability to design anything, let alone me. It should say “website designer”, but it got its results from a website saying “website designed by Jai Leeworthy”. So it’s not perfect, it is still an alpha. It was made by the chinese versions of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and they are based in Sydney. My dad, who is more well known on the internet, came up with the results “Diver and Association Scientist”.

So you can ask it questions, and get pretty good results, most of the time.

The search engine likes my hair

I will live to be one

The answer to life the universe and everything is NOT “life theto universe”

Is there a correct answer to 6 x 9? (it does say it is the “clusters” thing but)

Are you serious that is AWESOME

I can see the developers aren’t comedically intervening with these results

It does have a few flaws, but as I said, it is still an alpha, and it’s great technology. I’m looking forward to search powered by this is the future. Apparently there was another search engine like this, that was bought by Microsoft for $100 million. Microsoft might get into this before google (if it does at all) (also note the lack of capitalisation on the name of google. it has become a verb in the english language, unlike Microsoft, which ain’t good for nothing).

EDIT: Notice, that if you are clicking on my links by now, most of the answers will have changed. I’m even seeing this very post in the results, which I feel guilty about now because I’m not changing the results for the better.