Well I don’t really need a home server…but after coming upon two entire webpages describing how to get one I felt compelled. XAMPP is a server client which supposedly installs Apache, MySQL, PHP and everything else. I installed it, my intentions being to install a local wordpress, as a test server. Well the software looked pretty spammy. Great. But it’s free, I guess, so I shouldn’t be too picky. It didn’t install properly. I couldn’t understand why, so I uninstalled it. Apache wouldn’t be deleted. It was stubbornly refusing to be marked for overwriting. This does irritate me, when I install something and it won’t be deleted. It reminds me of ‘The Simpsons’ episode in which they invite carnival workers to live in their house, and they refuse to leave. I moved on. I tried to install WAMP. It installed perfectly, but unfortunately, denied me access. This is even more like the Simpsons. Irritated with local servers, I uninstalled it too. I no longer like local servers.