This page is for my music I compose. I haven’t composed a heap, but it’s still good. Newest are first. Keep in mind I am 14 years old.

Score #1

Finally finished! This is the work of a few months occasional 20 minutes spent working on this! The volume is a bit low…turn up your speakers (or preferably, headphones). I might show this to my music teachers at school. I would love to hear this played by real people. The VST is starting to drive me mad. The thing is, I’m not exactly sure if it’s possible to play. It would no doubt need a little rearranging for the kids to play the faster parts…then again, most of it should be really easy to play, supposing the wind players have sufficient lung capacity…please listen to it.


This is kind of a lead, for a more oriental song I made (hence the title).

Song 2

A song based on one chord, but with altered bass notes (i think that’s what you would say)

Song 1

This is my first real song. It is based on a progression with 3 chords (except the bit in the middle). This arrangement has the Harp, Cello & Violin parts. Beware the tone at the start, which I cannot be bothered removing.

All my music is released under a creative commons attribution non-commercial share-alike license.