I got my computer back today, after 4 days of being queued for repairs and then a weekend of repairs. They didn’t do much, they just repaired windows with the disk and installed an extra 2 gig of ram. Then they made us give them $150. I could have done it myself, and i tried and failed many times before they said i couldn’t do it and took it away. i was so sad and read a lot more books than usual. The repairers failed to do a lot of things they said they would do, but at least it’s back and it works 😀


A useful little trick in Actionscript is to make Movie Clips elastically attracted to something (in this case, the mouse). This is really easy once you know how to do it. Create a movie clip, select it and open the actions panel (F9). Put in this code:

//set variables
onClipEvent (load) {
//the higher you set this the faster your movie clip will move
var spring:Number = 0.10; 
//the higher the bouncier. keep below 1 so it reaches it's destination
var inertia:Number = 0.9; 
var xspeed:Number = 0;
var yspeed:Number = 0;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
var xspeed:Number = ((_root._xmouse-this._x)*spring)+(xspeed*inertia);
var yspeed:Number = ((_root._ymouse-this._y)*spring)+(yspeed*inertia);
_x += xspeed;
_y += yspeed;

Set your frame rate nice and high, at least 25 for a smooth effect (personally I like 50 fps). Now run your movie to test it out. Note this is for Flash MX 2004 or higher (Actionscript 2.0). It works, good, now what if you wanted your movie clip to be atracted to another movie clip? Read the rest of this entry »

Open Office - Word Processor

Open Office - Word Processor

Windows just had to screw up. I got the Blue Screen of Death. Three times. Oh, Why, Windows, Why? Then Rebooting, several times I got told “Boot Disk Error: Please Insert System Disk & Press Enter.” I finally got fed up and put in a Ubuntu live disk to try and fix it up. I’m using Ubuntu now for the second time, and this time I have more time to explore the OS. I’m annoyed at windows for screwing up. I need to fix it up, or else I’ll get the blame as I use the computer the most. Ubuntu is awesome, it comes with GIMP. And Firefox. (Ubuntu:Feisty Fawn) If I ever get my own computer (or my cousin ever gives my ancient laptop back) I will definitely install Ubuntu on it. It would just be so awesome to be free from windows. Anyway, before I got the BSoDs, I was getting these messages from PC-Cillin telling me I have tried to open a dangerous website: Spyware. I didn’t have a web browser open (Dun dun DUN!). Read the rest of this entry »

After having an iPod for a year, I’ve gotten bored of the original Apple OS and it’s limits. So being as I am, I looked to install some other firmware for iPods. But I needed to keep the original OS because I don’t want to lose that in case this new firmware isn’t that good, or it also has limits. So to make the most out of the iPod I wanted both. 😀 (winPod)

iPod Loader:

iPod Loader is the dual boot thingy. I downloaded and installed it using the file you can download here


To install it, you will need to open it using WinRAR or any other archiving software supporting .rar files.

  1. In the file view in WinRAR find a folder called iPodLoader and another file, loader.cfg with it.
  2. Drag both files onto the desktop (or anywhere else).
  3. Copy the iPodLoader folder (not the loader.cfg file yet) to the ipod root folder (Click your ipod in My Computer and you will be in the root folder).
  4. Go into the iPodLoader folder on your desktop and run ipodpatcher.exe. press lowercase “i” (without the quotes). Once it is done press enter and it will close.
  5. Now put the loader.cfg file in the root iPod folder. This will tell the ipod what to run when it starts up.

Now don’t do anything, it’s time to install Rockbox. Read the rest of this entry »