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And there it is...

And there it is...

Bugging me lately is the way that whenever I boot up the computer, (windows xp) I get Nokia PC Suite things like this opening up in the system tray. Startup programs have been an issue with me lately, and this is one of the worst problems if you use a really slow computer, for a sole purpose, and it’s not *whatever quicktime does*. Specifically, my cousin and uncle play a game called Cossacks (back to war stand alone expansion, really great age-of-empires-1 style rts which i would recommend for online strategy goodiness). The computer is running on a pentium-3 600mHz core and 256mb of ram, and it starts a heap of programs on bootup.

Sorry for the intro, most of you will know what i’m on about with msconfig. But, that said, my worst issue with it was forgetting what it was called, so I couldn’t open it. If you know what msconfig is called, your problems are half solved (or in my case, completely solved). So if you are being bugged by startup programs, and you’ve already wiped clean the ‘startup’ folder in the start menu, go to run (win+r or start>run) and type in “msconfig” (without the quotes), then click the OK button (or press enter, of course). There will be a tab at the top saying ‘startup’. If you think this applys to you, which it does, click this particular tab. You will be presented with a list of programs running on startup. There are usually a lot. Deselect the appropriate ones and navigate your way out of this window, while still applying the options you selected. Congratulations. You have successfully completed the ‘removing’ part of the *title* of this post.

Now for the adding. A bit more advanced. Of course it isn’t if you just go for the start menu option, but if you are anything like me you will take any chance you can get to get into the registry to change something. It makes you feel better. Run>”regedit” (wtq) in the registry, on the side click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run. You made it. Through all that scrolling. So after having clicked on the Run folder, there should be a few entries you might recognise from msconfig. If you want to add something (of course it’s all obvious now and you’re already off blogging about it yourself) right click (in the right part) and go to New>String Value. Name it what you will, such as “firefox”, then double click on it and enter a path to the program you want (such as “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”. The quotes are actually neccesary, so don’t forget them this time). Have a reboot to check it out, and ta-da! There you are! It actually worked! You will notice it coming up in msconfig, and they all lived happily ever after. (yes, I have been reading eoin colfer books)